Stumbling On A Unique Company When Searching For A Southwestern Rug For Myself

I stumbled on Southwestern Rugs Depot when I was looking for an area rug to deck out my home.  I was immediately captivated by the unique user interface of their website. They really struck me as a small shop in a way that caught my attention because it was so different from all of the other rug shops I had visited.  I eventually did find the area rug that I was looking for and Southwestern Rugs Depot’s followup sequence was really interesting too. I received multiple emails from one of the owners thanking me for my order and eventually asking if I received everything ok. I replied to his emails and he sent me a response within 15 minutes. I was blown away. What other e-commerce stores would you get a reply from the CEO within 15 minutes of sending out an email?

Plotting Area Rug Market Domination?

11x13 area rug room scene

Anyway, that’s my unbiased review. I would recommend checking out their site if you’re in the market for an area rug (in 11x13ft or otherwise). I reached out to Southwestern Rugs Depot to ask for a quick interview and they were more than happy to oblige. So here’s some a bit more info that I learned about the company.

They’ve been in business for a few years. The owner started Southwestern Rugs Depot after working with a local rug designer and wanting to experiment with the retail side of the rug business.  He was actually looking for a rug himself and was really disappointed with the shopping experience from a few of the current large rug retailers out there.  He thought that there’s no reason why buying had to be such a pain with a terrible customer service experience.  The owner actually grew up in the carpet capital of the world so he still had a lot of connections in the world of rugs and carpets.  He was extremely picky about the manufacturers that he would work with, though. He makes sure that all work is done in the USA and nothing is outsourced overseas.  He said that he’s confident in the quality of work being done in the US and it’s been hit or miss working overseas so he wants to make sure to deliver a consistently high-quality product to his customers.