Ryan Gantz is a maker
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Ryan Gantz made:

May 1999 — Present

design, css, writing, experiments, php, sql, narrative, photography, nonsense, discussion

SB Nation

Aug 2007 — Present

UX, design, css, html, Sass, graphics, community management, product definition, platform


Aug 2007 — Present

product architecture & defintion, design, ux, css, copy

The Verge

Jun 2011 — Present

product design and definition, HTML, Sass, visual design and direction, writing


Apr 2014 — Present

platform, card stack product definition, Sass, html, styling, design & direction


Apr 2014 — Sep 2014

Sass, html, product design, bug-fixing

Change Congress

Feb 2008 — Mar 2008

design, html, css, copy

Apr 2007 — Sep 2007

design, ux, typography, css, cms setup

Sixfoo! 660°

Apr 2005 — Apr 2005

concept, css, copy, html, luls

Internets Vets For Truth

Oct 2004 — Nov 2004

concept, css, html

Sep 2000 — May 2002

design, css, writing


Dec 2000 — Nov 2001


The Mostly Ruthless Distruction of the 1981 Dodge Omni

Aug 1997 — Nov 1999

concept, science, photography, design, narrative, graphics, html, Front Page, frames


platform, design direction, a little copy


refreshed landing page design + html, lost to time

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Sarah Jeong inspires Ryan Gantz

makes me laugh and think

Updated Ryan Gantz on MagpieRSS

refreshed landing landing page design + html, lost to time

Ryan Gantz made Polygon

Updated Ryan Gantz on Gangbang


Ryan Gantz made MagpieRSS

Ryan Gantz made Chorus

Ryan Gantz made Vox

Updated Ryan Gantz on Change Congress


Updated Ryan Gantz on Sixfoo! 660°

Ryan Gantz made Sixfoo! 660°

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