Imagine if every potential customer could see the makers they admire telling the world how they use your product or service. That's Makerbase.

Makerbase is the only place where makers can see honest, unsolicited testimonials from their peers and the creators of projects that inspire them.

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Why should you sponsor Makerbase?

Makerbase is a community for makers — the creative people who make the apps, websites, and digital tools we all use every day. Our sponsors are an integral part of making the community more valuable for everyone. We don't offer the usual "boxes and banners" display ads. Instead, Makerbase offers deep integration into a site that thousands of makers refer to every day, helping them decide which products and services to use.

If you make a product or service that is valuable for digital creators, you should be here on Makerbase.

What do you get for sponsoring Makerbase?

Makerbase offers a number of unique benefits that can help strengthen your credibility and value to makers across the web.

Referenceable customers:
If you visit current Makerbase sponsors like Slack, MailChimp or Hover, you'll see a list of hundreds of projects that have publicly declared that they use those services. For makers, nothing is more credible than an unsolicited endorsement from their peers. Only Makerbase lets you show off all your customers in one place, right when makers are looking for inspiration.
Direct integration:
When makers come to Makerbase to learn about who made or inspired their favorite projects, the first thing they'll see is which sponsors made tools that were used to build the project. We use the custom tracking codes you provide for all links to your site or onboarding flows, to work with the analytics you already use. sponsor integration
Ongoing relationship:
Your name and logo will be integrated into every bit of user messaging sent from the Makerbase site, including emails where our users are finding out who was inspired by their work. It's an incredibly powerful context for makers to discover your brand. We'll even work with you expand your social reach through our extensive social media channels—nearly a million followers across Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and other platforms.
Safe environment:
Makerbase has industry-leading policies on preventing many of the negative behaviors that arise on other user-generated sites. Your brand is safe when it's on Makerbase.

What do your customers get when you sponsor Makerbase?

Your Makerbase sponsorship helps a digital creator make an informed, enthusiastic decision to use your product or service. By seeing which of their peers are already your customers, they're reassured about the community of support for your platform. And by seeing which of their favorite projects use your product or service, they're inspired to dream even bigger about what they can build with your help.

Even better, Makerbase users are smart and sophisticated about the way the web works. They're literate in ad blockers and skeptical about old-fashioned spammy marketing campaigns. They get the direct relationship that you have with Makerbase, and the value that it provides them, and are happy to support you (and us!) with their endorsements.

How do Makerbase sponsorships work?

Makerbase sponsorships are a simple monthly flat-rate fee that that requires minimal lead time to set up. We'll work with you to tailor your message and presence on Makerbase to appeal to our audience, and offer generous discounts for longer commitments. Just get in touch to get started!